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Methods of treatment :

  1. Pharmacological
  2. Manual:
    • Manual therapy of the spine
    • Treatments consisting of specific mobilisation of joints and segments of the spine, sacroiliac joints, joints of the limbs. Treatments are performed after examination and qualification for treatment of the diagnosed disorders (i.e. of the muscles, joints, spinal segments) and selection of the most suitable type of treatment. Some of the manual therapy treatments are performed by Dr. Stodolny exclusively.
    • Soft tissue therapy
    • Manual treatments performed by therapists in order to remove disturbances located in periarticular soft tissues (skin, subcutaneous tissue, fascia, joint capsula, ligaments, tendons, muscles) associated with pain syndromes of the spine and joints. Treatment consists primarily of restoring physiological balance between joints and soft tissues, and nerve structures. Our therapists specialise in manual therapy according to Lewit, Hartmann, Kaltenborn-Evjenth, following IFOMT (International Federation of Manual Orthopedic Therapists) guidelines, Mulligan, and McKenzie.
    • Fascia therapy according to the FDM concept (Fascial Distortion Model) and Anatomy Trains of Tom Meyers. The fascia is a 'spider web' surrounding the muscles, tendons, ligaments, internal organs and nervous system, which is responsible for the transmission of forces and tensions. Incorrect posture, repeated incorrectly performed movements, traumas and micro-traumas as well as postoperative scars, lead to disturbance of fascia movement, which results in pain syndromes, often in remote areas. With the help of functional techniques, the therapist can restore normal fascia movement, which in turn, results in the reduction of pain, a normal mobility pattern, and an improved figure.
    • Relaxation of postisometric muscles
    • A type of procedure performed by a therapist which is specifically aimed at loosening and stretching tense muscle groups or individual muscles. Of the known methods, these treatments most effectively restore the correct length of muscles remaining in contracture, both as a result of injury and overload.
    • Trigger point therapy
    • Trigger points are small, hypersensitive areas within the belly muscle or muscle fascia. They are places of increased tension which, under the influence/application of pressure, cause local pain or pain radiating to areas remote from the site of irritation. These points arise as a result of factors such as stress, fatigue, injuries and micro-injuries, system and post-surgical disorders, as well as muscle malfunction. The goal of therapy is to reduce pain and improve disturbed movement patterns.
  1. Acupuncture
  2. Method of treating pain in periarticular tissues by locating and puncturing areas and points hypersensitive to pressure, using a medical needle. It perfectly removes localised discomfort associated with serious diseases of the musculoskeletal system, and with proper diagnosis, it is more effective, faster, and less cumbersome than other physiotherapy treatments.
  3. Curative and preventive exercises
    Conducted according to programs developed by Dr. Stodolny. Our specialty is the analysis and rehabilitation of balance disorders related to muscle tension - the primary cause of degenerative and overload changes in back pain syndromes. We rely on original, developed, individual exercise programs for osteoarthritis of the hip, knee and shoulder, as well as rehabilitation after knee and endoprosthetic surgery.
  4. Therapeutic massage
    Our treatment is closely targeted at specific disorders in defined tissues. The treatment is performed by a qualified therapist who is able to locate existing tissue disorders and effectively remove them.
  5. Kinesio Taping / Kinesiology Taping
    Therapeutic method involving the taping of selected fragments and structures of the body using elastic tape. Application techniques help stabilise unstable joints, relax tense muscles, and stimulate weakened muscles. Effectiveness is determined by the type of application, as well as the direction and degree of tension in the tape, which is decided by the therapist performing a screening test and application. The structure of the tape is similar to the properties of the skin, does not contain drugs, is waterproof, and allows the skin to breathe.
  6. School for the Back
    Educational program for people with back (spinal) problems, preparing the patient for life after the resolution of symptoms, not repeating the mistakes that led to overload disease. During their stay at the centre, each patient is taught safe ways to perform daily activities, and is prepared for their return to professional and domestic activities. The work of the therapist with the patient also aims to shape an appropriate psychological approach to their illness, as well as the overcoming of certain behavioural obstacles, i.e. after surgical treatment.
  7. Home exercises and self-therapy for after treatment Towards the end of their stay at our centre, patients receive instruction on treatments and exercises to be performed at home, with the aim of self-therapy, continued therapy, or prevention of recurrent disorders.
  8. Physiotherapy We offer a wide range of physiotherapy treatments: laser irradiation, electrotherapy (interference currents, tens, iontophoresis), high tone therapy, ultrasound and phonophoresis, magnetic LED therapy, vacuum, which are selected depending on individual recommendations and contraindications.
  9. Balneotherapy
    Spa treatments using the healing properties of natural resources such as mineral water or mud. An our centre, you can take advantage of sulphur baths, whirlpool, peloid or Dead Sea mud wraps.


polecamy k pitna

Sulphur water curation Natura Rehabilitation Center is the first in Busko to introduce the treatment of Sulfides Drinking Water from the spring Susanna in the Winiarski wood.

more Sulphur water...



"I will allow myself to enter my heartfelt words of appreciation for the hosts of Villa Natura, especially the Stodolnys. Many thanks to all the staff."-Basia



"To the very good-hearted Dr. Jerzyand dedicated staff of the Natura centre for an open heart, smile, and hard work, which made me believe that there are people out there...



"The highlanders say that miracles don't exist - onlywonders do. Such wonders I experienced at the Villa Natura. I did not expect such good living conditions and such a family...



"Sometimes it just takes a moment to become convinced of the uniqueness of another PERSON."- Magda



"I would like to thank you for my stay at this charming centre. And Dr. Stodolny, for the care, diagnosis, effective treatment and cordiality."- Henryka



"Many thanks for the professional and friendly care of the entire staff."- Bożena

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