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At the orthopedic podology office, we treat:

  • congenital and acquired foot defects in children, adolescents, adults, seniors, as well as active people and athletes,
    deformities of fingers - bunions, hammertoe, etc. 
  • overload and degenerative changes of foot joints and soft tissue, Morton's neuroma, heel spurs, inflammation of the plantar fascia, etc. 
  • pain in the joints of the limbs and spine caused by foot defects, swelling of the feet and calves
  • post-traumatic stages.

Treatment consists of correcting the alignment of the foot, individual corrective insoles, learning necessary exercises, massages, physical therapy, selection of appropriate dermaceuticals, footwear, and other.

At the cosmetic podology office, we treat:

  • skin - hyperkeratosis, corns, calluses, cracked heels, viral warts, psoriasis and mycosis of the skin and nails, excessive sweating, etc.
    nails - ingrown, pincer, fungal, thickened or post-traumatic, reconstruction of nail plate 
  • diabetic foot.


polecamy k pitna

Sulphur water curation Natura Rehabilitation Center is the first in Busko to introduce the treatment of Sulfides Drinking Water from the spring Susanna in the Winiarski wood.

more Sulphur water...



"I will allow myself to enter my heartfelt words of appreciation for the hosts of Villa Natura, especially the Stodolnys. Many thanks to all the staff."-Basia



"To the very good-hearted Dr. Jerzyand dedicated staff of the Natura centre for an open heart, smile, and hard work, which made me believe that there are people out there...



"The highlanders say that miracles don't exist - onlywonders do. Such wonders I experienced at the Villa Natura. I did not expect such good living conditions and such a family...



"Sometimes it just takes a moment to become convinced of the uniqueness of another PERSON."- Magda



"I would like to thank you for my stay at this charming centre. And Dr. Stodolny, for the care, diagnosis, effective treatment and cordiality."- Henryka



"Many thanks for the professional and friendly care of the entire staff."- Bożena

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