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Aestetic medicine pricing

Pricing procedures performed by Dr. Jadwiga Stodolna in the Cabinet of Aesthetic Medicine

Type of proceudre Price in PLN

Excessive sweating armpits, hands, feet
1 unit 30,-
1 procedure 500-900,-
1 procedure 1 600,-
Juvederm (hyaluronic acid + Lignocaina)
- Ultra 2 (small, flat wrinkles)
- Ultra 3 (medium-deep wrinkles)
- Ultra 4 (very deep wrinkles)
- Ultra Smile – mouth
- Juvederm Hydrate
- Juvederm Voluma

1 procedure 540,-
1 procedure 860,-
1 procedure 920,-
1 procedure 665,-
1 procedure 520,-
1 procedure 1 260,-
Teosyal (hyaluronic acid)
- Global Activ (wrinkles all over his face)
- Deep Lines (deep wrinkles)
- Kiss (wrinkles around the mouth)
- Teosyal Redensity 

1 procedure 866,-
1 procedure 894,-
1 procedure 999,-
1 procedure 1 200 ,-
Restylan Lip
Restylan skinboosters
Restylan + Lidocaina (medium-deep wrinkles)
Restylan Perlaine (filled volumetrically)
1 procedure 1 090,-
1 procedure 440,-
1 procedure 1 154,-
1 procedure 1 360,-
Filorga XHA Volume
Filorga XHA 3
1 procedure 1026,-
1 procedure 850,-
Elevess Light (medium and deep wrinkles) 1 procedure 1 040,-
Radiesse (hyaluronic acid & calcium hydroxyapatite) 1 procedure 980 – 1590,-
Mesotherapy (baldness, cellulite, antyaging)  1 procedure 100 + products price
AQUALYX- fat removal by pharmaceutical preparations 1 amp. 200,-
1 procedure 200-1000,-
Dermamelan - exclusive treatment that removes blemishes and scars 1 procedure 1 800,-
(includes products for 4 weeks of home application)
- Yellow Peel
- Mandel Peel
- Glyco Peel
- Ferulac Peel
- PH Formula

1 procedure 520,-
1 procedure 150,-
1 procedure 120,-
1 procedure 100-150,-
1 procedure 200,-
1 procedure 200,-
Criodestruction 1 skin change 50,-
Research dermatoscopy of skin lesions 50,-


Radiofreequency TRI RF  10min=100zł 
Shock wave therapy  - anti-cellulite treatment, for abdomen/hips, tights/buttocks 100zł
Cavitation peeling 30min=50zł
Cavitation peeling + mask 50min=70zł
Ionzyme treatment 30min=50zł
Anty-aging face massage 50zł
Face massage with ampoule + algae mask (or other) 75zł
Body scrub 45zł
Paraffin with sulphur mask for hands or foot 35zł
Nourishing and regenerating treatment for dry and damaged hands 50zł
Red Wine Treatment, Olive Wealth, Chocolate Relaxation Treatment 140zł
“Peloid Mud” Firming treatment for the breasts and abdomen 90zł 
Basic face treatment – peeling, ampoule, mask 120zł 
SKEYNDOR Eternal Line – Forever Young 270zł 
SKEYNDOR Platinum Line – Eye Treatment 160zł 
SKEYNDOR Platinum Line – Rejuvenation of mature skin 200zł
SKEYNDOR Hydra Filer –  Deep Hydratation 230zł
SKEYNDOR Aquatherm – Beauty for sensitive skin 150zł
SKEYNDOR Vitamin C Line – Full of Vitamine 150zł
SKEYNDOR Under Eye Treatment 40zł
SKEYNDOR Anti-Cellulite (Svelte Contour) 180zł
SKEYNDOR MAN - Rejuvenation, hydratation, energy 180zł


polecamy k pitna

Sulphur water curation Natura Rehabilitation Center is the first in Busko to introduce the treatment of Sulfides Drinking Water from the spring Susanna in the Winiarski wood.

more Sulphur water...



"I will allow myself to enter my heartfelt words of appreciation for the hosts of Villa Natura, especially the Stodolnys. Many thanks to all the staff."-Basia



"To the very good-hearted Dr. Jerzyand dedicated staff of the Natura centre for an open heart, smile, and hard work, which made me believe that there are people out there...



"The highlanders say that miracles don't exist - onlywonders do. Such wonders I experienced at the Villa Natura. I did not expect such good living conditions and such a family...



"Sometimes it just takes a moment to become convinced of the uniqueness of another PERSON."- Magda



"I would like to thank you for my stay at this charming centre. And Dr. Stodolny, for the care, diagnosis, effective treatment and cordiality."- Henryka



"Many thanks for the professional and friendly care of the entire staff."- Bożena

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