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Shockwave therapy is one of the most modern methods of physiotherapy using high energy mechanical wave action for the treatment of a wide range of diseases. 

The energy applied by the shock waves stimulates the metabolism, improves blood circulation, accelerates regeneration and production of collagen fibers, regenerates tendons and soft tissue, breaks down and dissolves calcified fibroblasts.

 Masterplus MR 200 unit with applicator for vibration treatment:
  - for disorders of the musculoskeletal system,
  - for local cellulite and obesity,
  - for circulatory disorders of the limbs.

Application in the field of cosmetology:
- breaking down of local excess fat tissue,
- cellulite reduction,
- diminishment of stretch marks and scar tissue,
- improvement of tissue tension,
- body contouring.

Application for musculoskeletal disorders:
- pain in the Achilles tendon,
- tennis elbow, golfer's elbow,
- jumper's knee, patellar tendon syndrome,
- painful (frozen) shoulder syndrome,
- heel spur,
- points of maximum tenderness,
- pain in the pelvic girdle,
- back and neck pain,
- fresh injuries and concussions.

Application for circulatory disorders:
- stimulation of microvessel formation,
- treatment of ulcers and wounds,
- improvement of nutrition and blood circulation of limbs,
- stimulation of bone healing.

Shockwave therapy is a non-invasive method, without the need for anaesthesia or pharmaceuticals and without side effects. For a therapeutic effect, between 3 and 5 treatments are carried out. Treatments are performed with intervals of a few days.



"I will allow myself to enter my heartfelt words of appreciation for the hosts of Villa Natura, especially the Stodolnys. Many thanks to all the staff."-Basia



"To the very good-hearted Dr. Jerzyand dedicated staff of the Natura centre for an open heart, smile, and hard work, which made me believe that there are people out there...



"The highlanders say that miracles don't exist - onlywonders do. Such wonders I experienced at the Villa Natura. I did not expect such good living conditions and such a family...



"Sometimes it just takes a moment to become convinced of the uniqueness of another PERSON."- Magda



"I would like to thank you for my stay at this charming centre. And Dr. Stodolny, for the care, diagnosis, effective treatment and cordiality."- Henryka



"Many thanks for the professional and friendly care of the entire staff."- Bożena

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